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ACCESS INFOTECH is a diversified IT Solutions provider. Our services plethora consists of : Setting up and maintain IT driven infrastructures, setting up 24 X 7 data centers, Database administration services, Database optimization, Developing, Implementing, maintaining Oracle based applications, providing ERP solutions to SME segments.
The Company has made its position very strong in the Northern India during the last 16 years and has executed a number of private and Government Sector projects in other Indian states as well.

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ERP Enterprise Edition

To address the challenges in today’s business market, small and medium manufacturers often look to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the proper functioning of which affects all aspects of the business operations.
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SAAS based ERP Services

Software as a Service, sometimes known as on-demand software, is a new model for deploying business services, that requires the provider to make access to the functionality available typically through a browser.
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Database Administration Services

For more than a decade, Access Infotech has provided the Oracle community based in North India with in-depth expertise, experience, exceptional teamwork, and our own database optimization tools.

Managed IT Solutions & Services

Access Infotech is one of the leading “managed services” provider in North India, operating in Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh to provides unique and complete IT infrastructure solutions.

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